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Main factors affecting the effect of heating rolle
Source:HWA CHENG(SUZHOU)RUBBER INDUSTRY CO.,LTD         Release Time:2021-01-12

In the past ten years, the planning function and installed level of cold rolling mills have been inexhaustibly improved. The inexhaustible increase in the structure types of cold rolled products has promoted the rapid growth of the production of heated heating rolls. 6 tensioning hydraulic station p & g. (Micro processor system: consists of 80 single-chip 764epro (for registering monitoring and control law 86eepro (for registering self-adjusting parameters and temperature setting decoding circuit and latch). The shape of the broken teeth is different, there are three teeth There are also four teeth, usually more than four teeth. If the ultrasonic wave crosses the basic line by eight decibels, it will be accompanied by continued impact noise, which explains the disappearance of the lubricating oil. (Dry bearings are rough. Changed " The definition of the shortcomings of a single echo is the 1999 version. Cylindrical combined splitter rotor The cylindrical cage is surrounded by air guide vane air flow up and down uniformly into the breakup area. Temperature ℃ heat quenching and tempering 9-using the edge line level This method can reduce the longitudinal peak strain energy and effectively control the bending of the product.

Growth and transformation of rolling mill function In the nineties of the last century, two heating rolls and four heating rolls were used for single-stand reverse rolling. Only Baosteel Benxi Iron and Steel Pangang State-owned large-scale steel mill has several sets of tandem continuous rolling mills. Since the beginning of the 21st century, China has introduced or independently produced a batch of tandem continuous rolling units with six heating rollers or four heating roller reversible machines. Therefore, the bearing is always in a gas-tight condition. The task of structural dynamics analysis is to study the dynamic characteristics of the structure and the dynamic response of dynamic load to the onset of infestation. It is a major content of structural dynamic planning.

The growth of rolling mill planning function implied the requirements of rolling heating rolls. The requirements of sequential rolling mills for heating rolling rolls can be automated with high speed and high output. 2 Associated reducer In the main drive system of the correcting machine, the reducer and the gear base are combined into a whole, which can reduce the transmission parts, and has a compact structure, which can reduce the total length of the train.

The heating roller is used in the drawing, roving and spinning frames of the cotton spinning profession. In the spinning and drafting process, the heating roller is responsible for controlling the fiber movement, reducing the speed of the floating fiber in advance, improving the yarn formation, reducing the coarse yarn details and hairiness.

The heating roller with excellent performance does not only need to have excellent elasticity, vibration absorption, small shrinkage deformation and abrasion resistance, outstanding antistatic and moisture absorption and release resistance, wrap resistance, oil resistance, and the heating roller must be stable and uniform. It must have strong hardness, good spinning performance, ozone resistance, and aging resistance.

At this stage, the inexhaustible improvement in the quality of flexographic printing also requires the anilox heating rollers to be promoted. The requirements of drawings and equipment imitation make the equipment installation and construction excellent. Therefore, for the group drive installation, the parameters of the motor should be as common as possible, and the cables for the equipment layout should be as short as possible. Process requirements: To improve the requirements of the correction machine, the main motor of the straightener should be changed from one motor to two, while the reducer still has 3 shafts, a common shaft in the center, and 2 motors connected by it. Together, it ensures that the speeds of the two motors always reach the same. It is suitable for crushing medium-hardness coarse materials throughout the professions such as iron and steel, metallurgy and mining. Any hot sintered ore cake used for unloading the sintering machine is crushed to break the hot sintered cake to a size suitable for cooling.

Along with the printing profession's face to face in terms of machine replacement time, printing speed, and optimization of the entire printing process, higher requirements have been put on the "flexo press heart", the anilox heating roller. The rolling oil cooling system of the rolling mill has a patented impact nozzle system, which replaces the traditional jaw nozzle system. It allows the rolling oil to be sprayed vertically onto the strip. The "surge flow" occurs, which can improve the cooling process. . When the sleeve is not used, the strip enters the rear winder. After the coil is coiled 3 times, the unit rolls up at a high speed. Therefore, it is calculated that 7 times of launches are estimated in one hour, and ff, so f is obtained by checking the launch coefficient table. After more than ten years of digestion and upholding, localization, and research progress of China ’s engineering and manual workers, they have finally mastered this handicraft after going through many detours and many ups and downs. When rolling bearings are used, the amount of movement is generally small. The material is damaged and the energy is lost due to the onset of vocal fever and vibration in the homework.

At present, several domestic anilox heating roll manufacturing enterprises are all traditional ceramic anilox heating rolls. The paint film at both ends of the roller is thin, and the paint film at the center is thick. The cooling water volume needs to be reduced. Specific plans can be formulated in accordance with specific production rules to facilitate application. Reasons: lack of oil supply or lubrication; impurities in the oil; lack of cooler work; pressure of the cooling water and the diameter of the water pipe are not suitable; high speed bearing problems of the reducer.

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