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Teach you the correct use of heating rollers
Source:HWA CHENG(SUZHOU)RUBBER INDUSTRY CO.,LTD         Release Time:2021-03-02

At the moment, the transmission end is slightly miserable. Check if there is any oil that is placed vertically and centrally on the drive side of the heating roller shaft and drive in the positioning pins. Tighten the m × 4 hex bolts and m8 × 0 hex bolts. At this moment, the tightening torque of m × 4 bolts is 00-0n / m. Each reducer is equipped with a forced cycle smooth system. The planetary gear reducer has three stages of reduction, one stage of parallel axis, two stages of planets, frequency reduction, compact structure, power transmission, and convenient installation. Zh

When the pressure at the piston end of the hydraulic cylinder needs to be pressurized, the solenoid of the electromagnetic reversing valve on the combined control valve block is energized and commutated to supply oil to the piston end of the hydraulic cylinder to pressurize. Zh

During operation of the hydraulic pump, such as when the oil temperature in the oil tank of the hydraulic station reaches 35 ° C, the cooling water valve on the water supply pipe of the hydraulic station cooler should be opened to supply cooling hydraulic oil to the cooler.

Draw out the gasket under the mounting table to make the heating roller shaft in a free state and adjust the angle of pain to make the heating roller shaft move flexibly. The temperature of the hydraulic oil in the fuel tank is detected by a platinum thermal resistor. When the oil temperature is lower than 15 ° C, the electric heater supplies power to heat the hydraulic oil in the tank. When the temperature of the hydraulic oil reaches 20 ° C, the electric heater is turned off. The wear parts of the feed installation are made of wear-resistant plates. When the pressure in the hydraulic cylinder reaches the planned high pressure, the multi-function valve group on the combined control valve block acts, and the operating pressure of the hydraulic cylinder can be released in a very short time. Hydraulic system operation affairs: When the oil level and oil temperature of the hydraulic station are normal, it is announced that the hydraulic station starts to prepare a signal.

The detection of the radial clearance of the oil film bearing at the transmission end of the heating roller shaft requires this value to be controlled in the following scale. The measurement position is as shown in the attached figure. The vertical radial clearance of the heating roller box is 0.3 mm. .38mm 8mm heating roller box vertical radial clearance 0.4-0.3mm horizontal radial clearance 0.30-0.40mm. A micro switch is set on the distributor. During normal operation, the micro switch is instructed to operate at intervals. A filter screen is provided at the outlet of the smooth pump to filter grease, prevent debris from entering the system, and ensure the normal operation of the system. Once the distributor stops the operation, the signal can be announced immediately and the operator can be notified. When the pressure at the piston end of the hydraulic cylinder rises and needs to be decompressed, the electromagnet of the response electromagnetic reversing valve on the combined control valve block is energized and commutated, the piston end of the hydraulic cylinder is discharged to the hydraulic station, and the pressure drops.

Note: After the re-installation, the heating roller shaft must be moved quickly. It is required that the heating roller shaft can be dialed with fingers.

Install special lifting ears on the rolling end of the heating roller. Lift the heating roller and migraine vertically. Wipe clean. Spray the engine oil on the installation part of the transmission end and slowly lift it into the lower case. At this moment, pay attention to the positioning pin must fall into the adjustment nut. In the groove 0, install another rolling heating roller with the same rule.

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