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Electrostatic ink-absorbing roller
Working principle: The high-voltage static electricity of 0 ~ 15KV is provided by the high-voltage generator in the discharge system, and the high-voltage negative electricity is discharged to the surface of the electrostatic ink-absorbing pressure roller through the high-pressure discharge rod, so that an electric field is formed at the dots of the pressure roller and the plate roller to force the ink Molecules move toward the printed object due to the electric field force, thereby improving the ink transfer rate, eliminating missing dots, and improving printing quality.
feature of product:
1. The perfect matching design of the surface semiconductor layer and the insulation layer will not cause discharge and ignition due to excessive static electricity on the surface, or insufficient ink absorption due to too little static electricity. Choosing HWA CHENG electrostatic ink-absorbing roller can make the surface static electricity reach the best current and achieve perfect printing effect.
2. Ozone will be generated when high-voltage static electricity is released. HWA CHENG's electrostatic ink-absorbing pressure roller uses the most ozone-resistant rubber, which will not cause surface cracking due to ozone capture, which greatly increases the service life of the pressure roller.
Product choice:
Depending on your embossed product, there are three hardnesses of shore A 75, 80, 85 for your choice

working principle

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