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Carbon fiber rubber roller

CFRP rollers that are lighter than aluminum tubes and more rigid than iron cores.
Due to the use of PITCH high-rigidity carbon fiber, rubber rollers with high rigidity, light weight and low inertia are realized.

High rigidity
Can be less deformed than iron
E of iron = 21000MPa
E of aluminum = 7200MPa
CFRP E = 8000 ~ 28000MPa

Very lightness
The specific gravity of iron is 7.8, the specific gravity of aluminum is 2.7, and the specific gravity of CFRP is 1.56 to 1.75.
Is half of aluminum and less than 1/4 of iron

Low inertia
The rotation performance of the rubber roller on the substrate will be greatly improved
Easy to start and stop, good constitutionality will reduce the load on the product

Due to these three characteristics, the following functions can be produced
High-speed rotation Select ultra-light ten high rigidity CFRP tube can be made to high speed rubber roller
Compact design Choose CFRP with high rigidity to make small diameter and long rubber rollers
High precision Because of its high rigidity, the precision can be improved during processing, and the runout is small at high speed

Main applications: Industry fields: high-performance films, optical films, OA, slitting industry

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