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Operation process of cleaning coating roller
Source:HWA CHENG(SUZHOU)RUBBER INDUSTRY CO.,LTD         Release Time:2021-04-18

The coating roller for dry lamination is usually cleaned together with the glue tank and the circulation pump after the end of each day's work. (Except 24 hours work). It is difficult to remove the glue with ethyl acetate. A small amount of glue remains on the coating roller, and if the baht is accumulated, the plate will be blocked. When working in the case of plugging, because the amount of glue applied is reduced, it will cause problems such as poor appearance (foaming), low peeling temperature, and these quality complaints. Zh

In order to avoid the outbreak of quality complaints, we should regularly use peeling (washing solution) and clean the coating rollers to obtain a stable coating cloth amount. Zh

Operation process:

1. The glue tank and the coating roller are cleaned with ethyl acetate. Zh

2. Put 3-4 sheets of film in the glue tank (OPP, PET, CPP, LLDPE, etc.). Zh

3. While making the coating roller rotate slowly, use a paint brush to apply the plate washing solution on its surface, and then leave it for 5 to 10 minutes. Zh

4. Brush the surface of the roller vigorously with a metal brush 2 to 3 times. Zh

5. Wash the unwashed area again with a brush. Zh

6. Use 2 ~ 3L ethyl acetate cooperation precision copper wire brush to remove the plate washing solution. Zh

7. Remove the film containing the plate washing solution and ethyl acetate in the tank. Zh

8. Then take about 10L of ethyl acetate in the tank to touch the coating roller, and slowly rotate the coating roller, while washing with a metal brush and a wire cloth until it stops. Zh

9. Repeat operation 7 again. Zh

10. Repeat operations 8 and 9 again (for foreign matter to be removed.)

11. Prepare 3 ~ 5L of ethyl acetate, wipe it from the top of the coating roller and wipe with a wire. Zh

12. Wipe the coating roller with a clean, dry loop. Zh

13. Take out the ethyl acetate and pad the film in the tank. Zh

14. The cleaning cycle can be determined according to the appearance of the product, and it is generally better to clean it once a week or two weeks. Zh


1. Plate-washing solution SP-751 is a strong acid solution. It is necessary to wear rubber gloves, protective glasses, and masks when operating. Zh

2. Ethyl acetate used in 5 to 11 during the operation can still be used if it is allowed to recover from foreign body conditions 6 to 8. Zh

3. Plate washing solution has corrosive effect on metal. If the coating roller coated with the washing solution is left for more than 1 hour, the chrome-plated coating roller may be peeled off, and the cleaning is completed in 1 hour.

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